Religion fra et evolutionært perskeptiv

In humans, the trajectory that took us from bacteria to fish to reptiles to mammals including primates has left an indelible mark. An interesting and fun read on our unique evolutionary pathway is Your Inner Fish by Neil Shubin. Shubin suggests that when we take a look at how our bodies are put together, an intelligent designer becomes ever more implausible — there are too many flaws, too many ‘patches’ that don’t quite work right, but good enough to squeak by. The mind is no different: we are a product of millions of tiny adaptations — and with no one in charge to make certain they all run smoothly and correctly in conjunction — we end up with all sorts of psychological hiccups. Religion is one of them.

R. Elisabeth Cornwell og J. Anderson Thomson har begået en interessant artikel, “The Evolution of Religion“.

~ af sorensvendsen på januar 25, 2009.

En kommentar to “Religion fra et evolutionært perskeptiv”

  1. Religion som psykologisk hikke – fedt!

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