Allah taget for narkotika-besiddelse

En rystende nyhed! Og jeg som ikke troede på Ham… .. .

A man who legally changed his name to Almighty Allah is facing a narcotics charge in South Windsor.

According to police, members of the East Central Narcotics Task Force were tipped off to a drug transaction in the town.

Police found the suspect and his car on John Fitch Blvd. The driver didn’t stop right away when police tried to pull him over, but he eventually was stopped and arrested.

He was identified as Almighty Supremebeing Allah, age 35, who lives on Elmhurst St. in West Hartford.

“The arrestee in the narcotics case had apparently legally changed his name to ‘Almighty Allah’, and has convictions under this new name,” Scott Custer from the South Windsor police department said.

Allah was held on $260,000.00 bond on charges including cocaine possession, attempt to sell cocaine, and traffic charges.


~ af sorensvendsen på august 9, 2008.

En kommentar to “Allah taget for narkotika-besiddelse”

  1. Fear Allah Almighty God the World Greatest Most High Exalted Creator & Ruler of the Universe. Who will destroy all counties & nations that will not worship Him only, showing Superior {Power & Strength} the All-powerful Lord God? Who has no son name Jesus or no wife name Mary. And it is a sin to say so. Will you not take heed? To Allah alone is true worship due. He alone is worthy of exalting to the highest highs of glory, honor and praise. It is “Allah” who warns you all before destruction (to repent) and fear His exalted (Power). Or be destroy by Him with: Fires and Smoke, Winds, Thunderstorms and Flooding, Mud, Snow and Hailstorms, Earthquakes, Tornados & Hurricanes and many others destructions by Lord God. Allah, let misery & misfortune falls on those that will not worship Him only.

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